The Sixth Smallest Country

Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world. However, this is not to say that it has little to offer. In fact, this small country has many exciting activities, beautiful scenery, friendly people, rich culture, and bottles of wine all locked away in its borders.

This little European country boasts some of the best landscapes and views in the world. Moreover, it is the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire. That been said, prepare to enjoy all the rich history that surrounds the country.

Liechtenstein has fewer than 40,000 people making it the perfect place to get away from the city and crowds. It is also quiet and laid back, an ideal place to relax and appreciate life away from home. 

The Museums

The best way to know Liechtenstein is to visit their museums and learn about their rich hisr9and culture. Like many European countries, there is always an exciting story behind the architectural style of the city, an origin for widespread traditions, and a reason behind local beliefs and practices. There is a museum to satisfy almost all tastes, but Landesmuseum stands as the hub of history and culture. Be sure to also visit FIS Ski Museum and Kunstmuseum. 

Winter Sports

Thanks to its pristine location, Liechtenstein is littered with snow that is perfect for all winter activities. The whole country is located in the Alps, so there is plenty of fresh snow for skiing and sledding. Malbun is the place to be for the best ski spots in the country. There are many resorts offering beginner and expert trails. But despite the path you take, the focus will be on fun and getting some hot chocolate right after. 

Historical Sites

There are so many historical sites in this little country, and you will be awestruck as you feast your eyes on the marvelous designs. There is a fortress in Blazers, which will coax you into seeing the beautiful Cathedral in Vaduz. Being the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire, you can expect to see traces of this dynasty through Roman excavation sites. You can also get a fix of royalty by hiking up a trail to view the prince’s castle. You can also drive there, and though you will not get to see the inside, it is just as magnificent as any other historical site. 

Stunning Views

A visit to Liechtenstein without viewing all the incredible landscapes is a missed opportunity. Because it is entirely in the Alps, you can expect to see stunning scenery. Even though the country is highly industrialized, it is refreshingly unpolluted and maintains some of the world’s cleanest environments. The mountains tower over the whole country, cascading down to evergreen forests that hide luxurious log cabins perched on mountainsides. At the bottom, you will find the most transparent waters as in the lakes that perfectly reflect their surroundings. At night, this scene is dotted with millions of visible stars that enhance natural magic. It is a sight to behold and the perfect way to end your vacation. 

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